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0.1-rc3 news with screenshots

The Memcached layer

This version heavily uses the memcached server which makes it possible to be ultra fast compared to previous versions.
The server places the data into memcached, keeps it there, and notifies the clients about the changes.
Then notified clients read the data from the memcached server.

Automatic database structure update

A database versioning is introduced.
So already installed manqod instances upgrade their admin database structures on upgrade, using the update.sql which comes with the manqod-server source.

Server forks

Manqod server forks new server instances thus allowing the OS kernel to balance the CPU load.


Data can be imported from CSV and exported to CSV.

Command line parameters

Server and client handle it's command line parameters to override the conf files.

Server control from bash

Running server can be controlled from bash scripts calling remote ruby methods. Running clients can be controlled via the server by bash scripts calling remote ruby methods using the manqod RPC.

Shots of some new GUI elements

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